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Blog: Cybaria Youtube Month, Bradford Student Article, and What Seems Like Way Too Much Work

So I actually made a more or less proper blog title, and included everything that I needed to say.

So once again, not much has really been happening. I know things will pick up again once I’m at university, but as my sister pointed out, I’ll have a lot less time to do it in.

Whilst I’m writing this now actually, I figure I’ll tell you the schedule I plan to try to keep.

University Update schedule

3 Pieces of content per week.

1 Article, Review or Special
1 Blog Update
and 1 Other, which can be Misc, Ramble or a Guest Post.

I plan to try to release the articles on Sundays, and the others throughout the week. I’ll do blog updates on a Sunday since that allows me to write whats happened in the week.

For the others, it may change from week to week, but I’ll try to keep updates as regular as I can.

Now, that’s the schedule for when I’m at Uni. Of course, I may not be able to keep to that schedule at all, so we’ll see.

September schedule

Things are going to be a little hectic over these on coming weeks. I’ve got a Special that I need to write four articles for (More information about that below), and I now have less than a week to write the article for the University Paper (Also more information below). With that, on top of preparing for university, and then freshers week itself, I can promise any sort of actual schedule. I’ll defiantly be able to keep a weekly blog out, which will start Sunday next week. As for Articles, I’m going to try my best, but I’m asking for Guest Content to tide people over.

> I have actually just this minute got a reply for a guest content piece. This will most likely be posted during freshers week when I’ll probably be most busiest.

If I’m not able to get the 2 pieces of content out, then I wont be able to do anything about it, but I just hope the Special will be worth it.

Which I guess allows me to neatly segway into this next piece of update.

Cybaria’s Youtube Month Special

So for those of you who follow me on twitter (Link in the sidebar ->), you may have seen that I plan on doing a 1 Month Youtube Special.

By this, I mean all updates in the month of October will be based around youtube.

I will do 4 articles, 1 Introductionary Blog, explaining everything in more detail, 10 Youtube Picks, which will be special videos I’ve decided to share, and then a Summery.

The Calanda for the updates will be released with the introductionary blog, which will be posted on Friday 1st October.

The 4 articles will be of 4 different youtubers, which are as follows:

  • Brentalfloss
  • What The Buck!
  • Hellfire Comms
  • Julian Smith

The youtube picks will be kept secret up until the day they’re released.

I’ll be writing these articles over the next month, mainly due to the fact I may not have the time to do it during the month itself, and it also then gives me a free month in october to settle in and get sorted, so I can get back to normal in November.

This means that the schedule that is just up there, doesn’t actually come into play until november, as the October has its own update schedule.

The Bradford Student Newspaper

So I’ve finally decided what I’m going to write about. I’m going to do an article on Skins. Not a review saying how good or bad it is, but an actual article about it and how its suppose to define our generation.

I’ll be sure to insert comedy into it like with some of my other articles, because lord knows that I don’t want it to be boring… Not that many people will read it anyway, it seems like it may not be too popular, but hey, it’s a living (mwahahahahaaa, outdated references =D )

But back to Skins. I’ve seen the first two series, and plan to watch the other two before I get started writing. I quite like skins so it’ll be fun to write at the very least, and I’m using other sources such as a certain episode from Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe.

So yeah, that’s basically everything. I have a load of work to do throughout this next month, hell, just 2 weeks even, but hopefully I’ll be able to get through it all in all one piece… Hopefully.

That’s all for now. I hope to see you all next Sunday



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