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Blog: A List of Things That Will be in This Blog

I know that I’m getting lazy with coming up with blog titles… But it’s quirky and funny… Right?


Shut up!

Bad titling aside, its be a long while since I did my last blog. Once again its because not much has really happened that warrants a blog. I’ve finally just decided that I may just have enough content to make a half way decent blog entry, so lets give it a go.

Oh, and Im actually titling each section now

Untitled Web Series:

So new updates on this. I’ve added in 2 new episodes to bring the total upto 8 episodes, and there are now 7 characters.

My friend Lucy is still writing 2, I’ll be writing 4 and I’m looking for someone to write the last two.

As for directing, I’ll be directing 5 episodes and I’ll be finding someone else to direct the other 3.

I’m hoping I can find some good people at university to do this with. More updates will come as things develop.

Waterstones Perfectly Formed Short Story Writing Competition:

Alrighteo, quickly now. I didnt win… At all…

That is all

Future Content:

So as you can see, I never did the Childeren of Earth review, although thats still on the backburner. I may get around to doing it or I may not.

I have a article planned about the World Vision Vloggers. You’ll see more of that when its released.

I’m also going to do a review of Clannad The Other Abridged Series.

Future Stuff:

So as I’ve mentioned before, I was thinking about writing an article for the bradford uni newspaper. Well, the good news is in. I can do it. As long as I have my article written by 9th of September, then it’ll be put into the freshers edition.

From there, I may try to go on and make it a collumn.

Thats it for now, Seems like a pretty short update, but oh well.



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