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Article: A Retrospective of My Writing [Part 2]

[ Article By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: 28/08/2010]

[An Off the Top Article]

[Part 2]

During my second year of Media, I was developing an idea for a short film to do with a world that only communicated with mobile phones, and about a girl who was left out of that world. Like a lot of random ideas I develop in my head, it soon fades into the background. This was around the start of the course in September.

In November, the idea reawakens, and I decide to write the script for it. The script turned out much shorter than the original ideas, with only focusing on the main story line, instead of the branch storylines from my original idea. Still, it was the first script I properly wrote and I was happy with it, and I called it: Connection Unavailable.

So I shot that in December, and edited it in January/February, and then again in April/June for the redux version. I entered the original version into a local student film festival, although I ended up missing the festival and never saw the response it got.

During the spring of 2010, I started writing other scripts for my FMP. I had 3 different scripts by the end. The first one was a psychological horror/thriller, but was way to short. The second one was a sci-fi/comedy, but I just didn’t really feel for it too much.

So came the third one. A fantasy drama, about a ghost girl having to watch her old friend deal with the depression after she died. I wrote this with two endings, but only ever ended up shooting one. This was my longest and greatest piece of work to date. I had to edit out a scene because it was running over by about a minute from the target time. This script was Footprints.

Also during this time I was still writing short stories. Most arent worth a mention, except for two. In Autumn 2008, I wrote a short story under 2000 words with the topic having to be about a ghost. I made mine into a drama, about two friends having to say goodbye, after one of them was brought back as a ghost due to the other not being able to accept she’s dead. It was called ‘More Than Just a Memory’. This is most likely where the inspiration for footprints came from.

Anyway, it didn’t win or get mentioned, so I put it to the back of my mind. Then in about May 2010, I happen to be looking over the Waterstones Quarterly magazine, and see that they’re doing a short story competition. Any subject, less than 2000 words.

I thought long and hard what to do, and even thought about entering ‘More Than Just a Memory’, but I wanted to be able to write something for it. And so I decided to do a rewrite of it. I changed many things, and the remade version is quite different from the original. It has a more mature outlook on it and was more developed. I decided to call this ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’.

I entered it into the competition, and then moved on with other stuff.

Coming to summer 2010 where we are now, I open up a site called Cybaria Reviews, where I planned to review films, anime, and tv shows. I also started out writing articles during this time.

The site gives me trouble and so I decide to close it down after a month, and instead make a WordPress Account. I continue writing articles and reviews, as well as blogs that I had been writing on a blogspot account for a few months, rambles and miscellaneous other pieces of writing.

Now we come all the way to yesterday, where I receive a very disappointing email that I hadn’t won the waterstones competition. That night I hear from my sister that she was asked to write a article for the university paper (She’s at the univeristy im going to, but left a year ealier). I had been thinking about contacting them after I joined, but my sister suggested I do it before so it can get into the freshers edition.

I emailed them last night, and this morning woke up to a reply from them, saying that if I gave them the article for the 9th of september, then they could defiantly get it into the freshers edition.

So yeah, it seems that writing can go up and down. When I finished my first fan fiction, I would have never thought I’d be writing an article on it 4 years later, after being told that I can write for the university paper that I wasnt even a part of yet.

Still, writing has become much more than a hobby. It’s a passion. It’s what I love. Its even what I may end up doing in the future, as I could see myself as a writer on a tv show. My writing has developed so much, and to such a length that its weird to look back at what I use to think was good writing.

Feel free to leave comments discussing your own adventures in writing, and how its grown over the time that you have been writing.


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