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Review: Doctor Who Series 2

[ Review Written By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: August 26th 2010]

So series 1 of the revived BBC sci-fi drama Doctor Who, ended with quite the bang. No, not an explosion, but a regeneration, as we saw Christopher Eccleston glow orange and turn into geek chic heart-throb David Tennant.

Over the course of the Christmas special, we don’t get to see much of the ’10th Doctor’ as he is indisposed due to the regeneration. So as the Doctor sleep, it’s up to the rag-bag team of Rose, Mickey and Harriet Jones to try to defend the world from the evil Sycorax.

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Soon enough though, the Doctor comes to and wakes up, after smelling some tea, because remember kids, were British, so we drink tea.

The Doctor is able to kill the Sycorax leader, send the rest of them back home and get everyone to safety without a scratch… Well, apart from an arm being cut off, but he grows that back… I wonder what else he can grow back?

Harriet Jones orders Torchwood to blow the Sycorax ship, enraging the Doctor to say the 6 words to take down her government… ‘I heard she was a man’… Or maybe its ‘Don’t you think she looks tired’… Probably the latter.

So after what is quite literally a wardrobe montage, we see the Doctor having Christmas dinner with Rose, Mickey and Jackie, before going outside to go play in the ash of the spaceship, as they decide to go off and see the universe together again, setting up the series to come.

Over the course of the series, they do many things, meeting many different aliens.

They meet cat nuns in New Earth, who are farm growing masses amounts of humans to experiment on. We also see the return of the only women in the history of the universe to be skinnier than posh spice, Cassandra.

They meet a werewolf, evil monks and Queen Victoria in Tooth and Claw, set in the Torchwood estate, which serves as the back story to events of the finale. Now, as far as I know, I can’t actually see why the monks are helping the wolf. I think its implied they worship the wolf, but still keep it locked in a cage. I dunno, Maybe the monks owe it some money, or the wolf is just a bit kinky and likes cages.

The Doctor has a blast from the past in School Reunion, where he meets an old companion from 6 life times ago, Sarah Jane Smith. Of course, there’s some tension between Sarah Jane and Rose, who have little squabbles and take cheap shots at each other, before finally making peace, because sometimes you just want generic drama like that. The monsters in this are the Krillitanes, who look like bat like demons, although quite frankly, they could be giant caterpillars for all that the story is worth.

The Girl In The Fireplace does not in-fact involve roasting small girls on an open fire, but in fact is time travelling love story, where the doctor meets a girl when she is very young, and then see’s her for short moments in different stages of her life. There are many connections between this story and The Time Travellers Wife. Well… Apart from the time machine, the two time travelling companions exploring a spaceship in the year 3000, and clockwork droids out to take the head of a French aristocrat.

Episodes 5 and 6 are The Rise of The Cybermen and The Age of Steel.

When the Doctor, Rose and Mickey get stuck of a parallel world, with the Tardis taking one day to recharge, Rose decides to go look for her father, and Mickey decides to go off on his own, having a tantrum at how the Doctor and Rose don’t pay any attention to him, because he’s an emo in this story.

The Cybermen return in these episodes, but they’re not the old plastic/tinfoil Cybermen from the 80’s, but sleek, shiny, steel Cybermen of the parallel world, created by trigger from Only Fools and Horses. They defeat Cyber-Trigger and Mickey decides to stay behind to help stop the rest of the Cybermen.

In The Idiots Lantern, the Doctor and Rose take on the greatest threat to children of all time. The most deadly evil in all of the world… They have to take on Television. Not because of bad programming, or giving kids square eyes. It’s because TV is stealing people’s faces!

In The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, the Doctor takes on possibly the biggest enemy he has ever thought. Something that is even worse than Television… The devil! Yes. The Doctor vs The Devil. In this two parter, we see mind control and ancient lettering, dinner lady aliens and black holes, and some foreshadowing for future events…

Love & Monsters is the series 2 Doctor/Companion light episode, something that was mimicked in the following series’, but not one from the previous series. I’m not sure if it’s because its the first attempt at writing a Doctor/Companion light episode, but this episode is one of the worst in the series. I stars a young lad named Elton, as he and his friends look for the doctor, and who are being manipulated by an absorbing alien in disguise as Peter Kay… Garlic Bread.

Fear Her is also another episode which I’m not to fond of, although that seems more my own opinion since I’ve had friends who have said they like it. The Doctor lands in London 2012, ready for the Olympics. But something is taking the children in a local neighbourhood, and its up to the Doctor and Rose to find out what, or more who, is taking them.

The series finale story, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, are quite a fitting end to the series. The Doctor finally finds out about Torchwood, and all they’re doing. But there is something else. Ghosts are appearing around the world, and a giant metal ball is hovering in the lower depths of Torchwood. Two of the Doctors most deadliest enemies are about to break into war… The Prize… The Earth.

So that is the episodic review of Doctor Who Series 2. I would not say Series 2 was the best series, but it was defiantly quite interesting, and brought to life the best Doctor that has ever been. And I shall leave it there.

Feel free to leave comments below, and thank you for reading.


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