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Blog: I wonder if I can get away with not having a long name for the title…

Alright, well, I figured since I didn’t have much of anything else to do, I should probably make a blog post.

I think getting into the habit of doing a blog post every Tuesday might be a good idea. If it’s just something small like a blog post, then it should be all good and might actually help me keep a regular thing going.

Plus since most stuff happens on Mondays, I’ve got Tuesday to write about it.

So time to get started I guess.

So as I mentioned in my last ramble, I bought a book last saturday called: The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2010. It’s a book with tips and contact information that a up-coming writers, artist or film maker might want or need. I found it at a discount price of £4, instead of the usual £15, and I was even looking a few hours before I happen to find this…

Destiny maybe? Or coincidence?

Anywhoo, I was reading about articles, and they said that if you plan to write articles, you should probably stick to a certain subject or topic, and become good in that as a specialty.

So, since im a media student, I figured I would do mine on ‘The Media & The Internet’

I think it’ll be better anyway, to focus on something I enjoy, as well as something I know I’m good at.

In YobiTv News, I was mentioned in a What The Buck show, since I am one of the finalist. I posted the video on to my tumblr, but here is the video anyway:

As for the writing competition I was in… Well… They said they would contact the winner on Monday 16th of august… And I received no contact…

That is until today, when I got an email saying that due to the amount of entries, they are pushing the date back, and will be contacting the winners on the 27th of August instead!

Which means I still have a chance in to win, which is very good.

Also, I’ve started a new project. Its only in its development stage, but what it’ll be is a mini web series.

15 mins per episode, and 6 episodes for the series.

I’ll be writing 3 of the episodes. My friend Lucy will be writing 2 of them, and I am looking for a third writer for the episode that is left. If I can’t find one, I’ll write it.

As for directing, I’ll be directing 4 of the episodes. I will be on the look out for someone to direct the other 2.

I’ll probably find these extra people in my university class. At least, that’s the plan. In an optimistic view… I’ll start filming after christmas, although a lot of that depends on what actors and crew I can find who will do the job for free, since they’re giving up their spare time.

Still, I live in hope. I can only try and go down failing, I’d rather do that any day than give up before I’ve even started.

Anyway, that’s all for now.



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