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Ramble: Random Saturday Night Post

So… This is my second ramble.

I’m like, bored at the moment and have a weird urge to post stuff.

I guess this is a bit of an informal blog really. As I’ve said before. My blog is for stuff like projects and filming stuff, so rambles can be a bit more personal and a bit more weird.

I guess that’s why its a ramble, I don’t really go on about much but it may make an interesting read, who knows.

So yeah, it’s Saturday night… Well, technically it’s Sunday morning now since its 01:12AM, so thats something I guess.

A lot of the excitement over the YobiTv thing has died down now. I still love the fact that I’m a finalist, but the finals aren’t until like, March, so there’s a wait anyway, and theres no way I would be able to continue the excitement all the way through these next few months.

So now onto the next important thing… Monday.

And with Monday, comes the results of the Perfectly Formed Writing Competition.

Now, I may get a phone call, or I may just get an email. I don’t know yet, but honestly, I’m going to be on edge all day until I definitely know whether I’ve done good or not.

I would be very shocked if I ended up in first place… I would be excited as hell, but I would be a bit like… Wow… Just… Wow.

I do think however I have a shot at maybe one of the runner-up places, which there are 3 of. At the same time, that’s me judging me based off… Well… me. I don’t know what other people have written. I don’t know if other people’s are better or worse than mine. All I can do is hope and we’ll see.

Now, this next part I’ll talk about more in the blog, but basically, I today bought the Writers and Artists Yearbook 2010. It has a load of tips for artists, writers and even film makers, and it was only £4, when originally it was £15, so yeah, a bargain as well.

One of the tips in there is to make your writing (Articles and stuff, not fiction) focused towards one topic. I’ve decided to go with the media, although I will include internet stuff in that as well.

So yeah, I find a lot of it interesting and it was going to be mainly all that anyway.

I’m also devising what I’m going to do each week. I would at least like; one blog post, and one article or review.

I think my rambles will be spread out, and just really depend of when I feel like writing some random without not real plans for it.

Hopefully if I get into a good enough groove I’ll be able to continue it without much thought, although that may get harder to do when I’m at university, as I’ll have other work to contend with, which means articles/reviews may be a bit more spread out.

Well, I think I’m happy enough now. I’ve gotten most of the urge for writing out of my system.

I’ll post a blog on Tuesday probably. I’ll talk about the story competition, and also an upcoming idea of mine for a 6 part mini series.

But for now, as I said: Toodles.


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