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Ramble: Introductions and Random Idea’s

So I was talking to a friend of mine, telling her I wanted to write an article on something, but I couldn’t think what to write. I had a few idea’s. but nothing specific, and I couldn’t really think of all the detail that I would need.

She advised me into writing a little ramble, to try to clear out my head of thoughts. I figured it would be a good idea. I have my blog to keep up to date of updates, I have my articles and reviews for specific topics, but I don’t really have anything for my random thoughts and idea’s. Well, that’s a lie actually, I have tumblr where I should really be posting most of this content, but I figured I could do it on a larger scale than on tumblr.

Also, I typing this straight into wordpress. Not because of any reason but for some reason Open Office Writer doesn’t seem to want to work for me. Probably due to the update I did earlier. Hopefully it’ll sort its self out otherwise I’ll have to try uninstalling it and installing it again.

Anyway, back to the ramble.

Lately I’ve had a few idea’s going around in my head.

For articles, I’ve wanted to write a follow-up on my Procrastination Article, although now I’ve been wanting to write stuff, just not being able to think of what to write. Now I could probably do this, but the Irony god is probably laughing their metaphysical arse off, because I’ve now been procrastination and putting off writing it…

Another idea for an article came to me when I realised that I could more easily make fun of the BBC drama Doctor Who spin-off: Torchwood, than I could make fun of Disney Channel movie hell: Highschool Musical.

This actually came as a shock, as it would to most, since Highschool Musical is one of those movies that infamous for being cheesy and just plain bad, but at the same time, the main people who think that are older teens, who tend to be guys. That’s not the target audience, and as we have seen, the actual target audience loves it, so it must have some good quality.
Sure I could make fun of it for being cheesy and shit, but I wouldn’t be coming up with anything good myself. I’d be pointing out the I find bad, but of couse I find it as bad, Im not the target audiance, so in the end, I would end up wiritng a bland boring article.

For Torchwood however, it’s a gritty adult BBC Drama series, which is supposed to, for the main part, be taken seriously. Which is why its better to make fun of. The fact that is acts so serious whilst being convoluted or stupid, is what makes it so bad. Even for people in its own target audience, they can find the bad stuff about it.

So yeah, expect a Torchwood review sooner than a Highschool Musical review. Hell, I may do a comparison, although that would be quite hard due to the fact that ones a 90something minute movie musical aimed and tweens, and the other is 5-1 hour episode tv series aimed at over 15 year olds.

So my third idea for an article, or more of, a segment, was a news segment. Just basically talking about recent events but putting my own personal spin on things. I also wouldn’t just focus on the event but depending on what it was, maybe look of certain newspapers or tv stations were reporting on it, or maybe take to the internet and look for user comments.

I think that’s all I have to say for now.

I would say I’d make these a regular thing, but I’m not too good at that. For now I’m just trying to generate content for the site, so depending on my mood and how much I procrastinate, it’s going to be pretty hard to say when the next piece of content is coming, but hopefully I’ll get an article out before sunday.

That’s all for now. Toodles.


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