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Blog: Procrastination, YobiFilm, and Maybe More

Alright, so I figured I would make a blog post today… Just because I want to try to keep this site active, even if it is mainly blog posts.

I may actually make blog updates every monday from now on… Well… That would work, apart from I just realised today is Tuesday… So yeah, lets just forget set update days.

So it seems that a lot, yet not a lot as happened all in this last week. But, that is why I have a blog… A blog that no one probably reads, but its a blog non the less.

Alright, let’s get started.

So I’ve been trying to get myself to write an article or review for some time, and even though I have ideas, I just keep trying to put stuff off, or not being able to develop the idea’s enough to get a full story out of them.

I’ve already got a plan for one review I’m to do in the future. I wont give away much, only that it’s a program my sister watches and I only like it due to the fact that it’s so bad, it’s actually quite entertaining.

I do have some other review plans floating around in my head, but nothing major yet.
As for articles, I was actually going to do one today, although I may do it tomorrow or some time this week at least. It’s basicly going to be a follow-up to my Procrastination article and talk about less putting things off and more the opposite, wanting to do something but not being able to think of it.

Oh, and quite ironically, the only reason I didn’t write that article is because I procrastinated and put off writing it, to sit in my room all day and watch Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe.

Whilst were on Charlie Brooker… Well, I love the guy. I think part of it is were similarly minded in the way we view things on television, or on aspects of life in general, and use sarcasm and satire for comedic purposes. Of course, Charlie Brooker acts more aggressive than me, and seems to have a more bleak outlook on the world.

But yeah, I have two Charlie Brooker books I need to read through first, ‘Screen Burn’ and ‘Dawn of the Dumb’. I know these are old and I’m at some point getting his newest book, ‘The Hell of it all’.

Although looking through his stuff, I still need his two earliest releases, ‘TV Go Home’ and ‘Unnovations’, so I’ll get them when I can as well.
Now, if you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I was in the YobiTv-YobiFilm Semi Finals.

Well… I have good news… I made it through to the finals.

This means that in march of 2011, when the finals are held, I have another chance of getting as many votes as possible, which will determine, where I will stand overall.

Theres $20’000 worth if prize money, which is like… Really.. Really… Good.
But something more closer to home, next monday I find out if I’ve won anything from that Perfectly Formed Writing Competition. If I have, then I’ll be like, really happy, even if it’s just a runner-up place. I had my doubts before, but after seeing Connection Unavailable go so far, even though it was only made just as a random project, I have more faith in my own work now.

I think I had something else to talk about now, but I cant seem to remember it…

Oh well, I guess that’s it for now.



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