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Blog: A New Site

So I figured I would open this site sooner than I figured. Originally I was going to open it when I first moved to Bradford for University, but I figured, hey, me turning 20 is good enough reason to open a site. So I was going to do it on my birthday (4th August). I ended up not getting it don’t, and the next day was… Well.. Spent kinda recovering from a hangover… Y’know… Fun?

So here I am, 2 days later, but I’m still 20, so lets open the site anyway… Well I say open, it’s not actually been closed, I’m just not using anything else now for posting.

Yes, this site is more than just a blog site as you can see. I’ve taken my three main sites. Cybaria Productions, Cybaria Reviews and the Cybaria Productions Blog, and moved them all into this one site. I figure its much easier as it less moving people from site to site, plus it’s not a flash site like Reviews and Productions was, so its viewable on Iphone/Touch and Non-Flash player computers, and it’s just nice to have everything together really.

The banner was edited by me. I took the Cybaria Productions logo that my sister made for me, and edited it in paint… Because that’s as much technical skill that I have.

Also, instead of having this as a production blog, I figure I’ll make it into a general blog.

Now… Time for updates:

So Connection Unavailable is currently in the YobiFilm Semi-Finals. I have until Monday, 3am to get as many votes as I can, and hopefully land in the top 3 to progress onto the Finals. Sign up only takes a moment, and it would really help me if you could spread the word and get your friends to vote as well.

On Monday 16th of August, I’ll find out how I did in the Perfectly Formed Short Story Competition, that I entered back in June. I don’t think I would have come first, but there are 3 runner-up slots, and I think that I have a definite chance of getting in one of them.

I also now have a Tumblr page. This is for more random blog updates, unlike the ones on here which will focus on what I’m doing with projects, Tumblr will be more carefree and fun.


So for now, I believe that’s done. I’m going to try to write an article at some point. Reviews will come much less often as they take much much longer to write, so until I can find an effective way of shortening my reviews but still being happy with them, I wont be posting them as often.

So until the next blog: Toodles.


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