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Article: How I lost My Faith in Humanity and Realised There Was No Point To Life (Aka: The Justin Bieber Rant)

[ A Rant By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: July 16th 2010]

Dear God!


I mean… I go upstairs and check my twitter… And I find this!


In all honesty, I could not believe it.

Now I’ve never been the one to really jump on the hatred of Justin Bieber band wagon… But I mean… What the fuck!
[ For those wondering, this is the article: ]

Dont get me wrong, Its not that im annoyed he topped Lady Gaga. I’ve never really been a Gaga fan. My sister is so I’ve had the songs and video drilled into my skull, and I can appreciate the uniqueness and creativity that goes into her videos… Even if some of them do look like porn videos on acid trips.
But everything about Justin Bieber is so wrong. Sure, he has talent. He can sing. I’m not arguing against that. But there is so much better bands and singers out there. Nothing is different about Bieber, he’s just one of many marketing idea’s that Disney came up with to try to get money off pre-teen girls.

I mean, its all the same pop crap, whether is Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers or Beiber. There’s no originality to it at all, and there’s nothing behind the music apart from some corporate business men who know how to do their jobs.
Gaga… I mean, I can actually stand to listen to Gaga. She actually has a lot of talent, and not just freaky talent. If you go back and search for videos before Gaga got famous, you can actually see that she has an amazing normal singing voice as well. But the great thing about Gaga is that she’s unique. Sure there was Gwen Stefani, who also did the weird styles as well. But apart from them two, I cant really think of anyone in pop who follows the same trend as them.
I’m actually going to take a moment to watch the two videos, which is Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’, and Biebers ‘Baby ft. Ludacris’ (Yeah, Ludacris, that sounds like the right word to sum up this situation)

Alright, So whilst I’m waiting for my Beiber video to load. I have just finished watching Bad Romance, and this time actually paid attention to it. And really, it is really good. It had the uniqueness about it, that you don’t see in many videos. Sure half of it is singing to the camera, but its about the style and setting, the costumes and the overall theme, and it is a really well put together video, as to why it was probably the most watched video on Youtube for a while.
Wow… That was… Everything I expected… Utter garbage.

So basically, Bieber goes to a bowling ally. Follows a girl around even though she clearly shows no interest in him, which I’m pretty sure counts as sexual harassment… And then they start having a dance off.
Honestly, there’s hardly nothing to this video. About ¾ of it is dancing, and I know, I let dancing off in the Gaga video, but that’s because in Gaga’s video there was so much more than just the dancing. With this, you know what’s going to happen. You know he’s going to get the girl, of course he is. Its just utter shite!

This video is basically saying is that its even if a girl shows no interest in you, if you follow her around like an annoying little fly, have some mildly good dance moves and can get a cameo from a famous black rap artist, you can still get the girl.
Oh, and get this. I was typing into youtube search for Justin Bieber Ft Ludicras, and look what one of the search options was!


I didn’t even dare to see what results would come up if I did search it.

I mean, call me nostalgic, but I remember the days when actual Youtube content was at the top of the most viewed. Not mass produced music videos. I mean real, down to earth user generated content, such as the Evolution of Dance, or Charlie Bit My Finger.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on posting a rant to early on. I thought after I did a few reviews or maybe got some proper people visiting the site, then I would stretch out into rants… But this just really annoyed me.

Well anyway, post a comment telling me what you think.


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  1. Picked up your web blog via live search the other day and absolutely like it. Carry on the excellent work.

    September 1, 2010 at 18:10

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